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About us

About Magna Energy Services

Magna Energy Services is the industry leader in Plugging and Abandonment of oil and gas wells in the Rocky Mountains and North Dakota.

Magna Energy Services currently has 10 full turnkey conventional plugging packages which include the work over rig and ancillary equipment , BOP’s, cementing equipment, mud mixing equipment, back-hoes, water trucks, tanks, welders, casing pulling equipment.  We also have internal wireline support for our P&A services from logging, gyros, setting plugs, freepoint indicators, various cutters, and mechanical services. Our roustabout crews are trained to work safely while meeting the challenging demands placed on them as they restore the land to better than its original state. We are in the process of growing our fleet and upgrading our equipment as demand for our services continue to rise. We have experienced crews and support staff that have been plugging wells for over 30 years . Magna Energy Services has 3 full turnkey CBM (coal bed methane)plugging crews based out of Gillette Wyoming. These experienced CBM crews have worked on projects from 10 wells to 500 wells annually since 2007.

Magna Energy Services offers salvage services for tubing and casing plus surface equipment such as pumping units, treaters, separators, tank batteries etc. The salvage services offer an opportunity to cut the expense of plugging the wells as well as eliminating the headache of what to do with the additional equipment.

Magna Energy Services has established solid relationships with State and Federal officials through solid and dependable field performance as well as the permitting and reporting services we offer our clients. We currently service Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota out of our locations in Ft Morgan, CO, LaSalle, CO, Williston ND, and Gillette WY.

As the industry leaders we take professional pride in all aspects of the services we provide from taking the initial call to when we re-contour the landscape back to its original grade and file all necessary paperwork.

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