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Water Transfer

Magna Energy Services is a professional water transfer company serving the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States. Our team has years of experience in the area and there is no job too big or small for us to take on. We pride ourselves on our clear quality of communication and service to the customer.

Water Transfer Operations

At Magna we have performed a multitude of oilfield water transfer operations over the years. From filling a frac tank from a hydrant, to multi-pad/multi-well simultaneous fills, and everything in between, we are very well-versed in our experiences. Our quality frac support for oil and gas completions is well known throughout the region. We have the capacity to pump several miles from source to destination at high volume and rate. In addition our silent pumps to minimize noise for work near residential areas.


Oilfield Water TransferWater Transfer Offering List

  • Lay-flat Hose
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Aluminum Pipe
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • 51,000 barrel above ground storage tanks
  • Pipe Manifolds
  • In Line Heating
  • Filtration
  • Water Sourcing

If you need an oilfield water transfer company don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Magna.