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Water Transfer

Magna Water Transfer ServicesFor a professional water transfer company operating in the Rocky Mountain region, look no further than Magna Energy Services. Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and South Dakota we are the premier choice for oilfield water management for the oil and gas industry. We understand the importance of efficient pump and piping projects for natural gas production and make water transfer as straightforward as possible when serving our clients. Our experienced team of field specialists are in tune with all environmental regulations and have the skills and knowledge to execute a transfer project in the most environmentally friendly manner, every time. We understand the large volumes of water necessary to perform oil and gas operations, so we aim to be as efficient as possible with our services in order to preserve this precious resource.

Frac Water Transfer

Magna Energy Water TransferAbundant natural gas reserves are being obtained through the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock deposits, all across the United States. Access to this form of clean energy is becoming more readily available to oil and gas companies across the United States. Some say these new discoveries of natural gas on US soil could potentially minimize our dependence on foreign fossil fuels, which could create a major impact moving forward. In order to tap into these reserves we must use water, and a frac water transfer often involves millions of gallons of water. With such an enormous volume, it is crucial that any energy services company offering water transfer services has the equipment and understanding to operate in a safe, efficient and timely matter. At Magna Energy Services we have performed hundreds of water transfer operations across a variety of challenging locations, so you can trust we know what we are doing.

Water Transfer Equipment

Water Transfer Equipment MagnaAt Magna Energy Services we strongly believe that having the right equipment is an essential ingredient to getting things done right the first time. In theory the concept of water transfer sounds quite easy, you simple move water from one place to another. That being said, there are inevitable complications when you are working with high volumes of water that often moves at a high velocity. In order to control this liquid, it’s necessary to utilize the best equipment out there in order to prevent mistakes and accidents from occurring. We tend to focus on leak-free and durability when it comes to our piping projects. We understand the market and always invest in the best and most cost-effective materials so we can pass our savings on to our customers.

If you are in need of a water transfer company in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana or North Dakota don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Magna Energy Services. We are very knowledgeable in frac water transfer operations and with the natural gas industry in general.